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Club Policies: Trip Cancellation & 

Liability Release Policies

Cancellation Policy / Guide (posted 4/29/2021, updated 8/29/2021)

The COVID-19 Pandemic adds uncertainty whether a trip will happen as planned.  The NH Ski Club does not guarantee refunds, even if trip attendee's reason is COVID-19-related.  The standard cancellation policy / guide applies.

If the event requires you to pay and you cannot make it and you request a refund, the NH Ski Club will make every reasonable attempt possible to give you a refund on trip based on the ability of the Club to get a refund from the resort, airlines and other factors. You should be aware that neither the Club, trip leader(s) or leadership of the Club are responsible for obtaining a refund for you on your behalf once you have made the deposit.

There are specific dates that the Club must commit to when planning a trip. These dates are usually not flexible and therefore, a refund of a deposit is based on the flexibility of the resort once we pass the key dates. It is imperative that you notify the trip leader as soon as you think there could be a problem. The longer you wait the more likely it is that you will lose your money.

The best thing to do if the Club does not have the ability to refund your money is to find someone else to go in your place. Keep in mind that you may have to discount the trip to convince someone to go, but some money is better than losing it all. You should also be aware that if there is an airline involved there most likely will be a name charge fee by the airline. This fee can be as high as a couple hundred dollars.

A suggestion is also to have trip insurance. Your personal insurance agent should be able to get this for you or lead you in the right direction. It is usually somewhere around 10% of the trip cost.

Liability Release:

I understand that the activities that I participate in with the NH Ski Club can be dangerous and possibly result in death. I accept these risks and agree to hold the NH Ski Club, the trip planner(s), and, the leadership harmless in the event that I am hurt or injured. Even though the trips and events are planned and organized by members of Club I understand that I am responsible for my own actions. It has not nor should it be expressed or implied that the trip leader is responsible for your safety or the safety of other at any activity sponsored by the NH Ski Club. The trip leaders are merely organizers not trained medical professionals, guides, instructors or have other such special training.

I also agree to hold the NH Ski Club, leadership and trip leader harmless if my equipment becomes, damaged, lost or stolen.

Release of image:

"I hereby consent to the free use of my name and/or picture in any form of publication, in association with my participation in said activity"

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