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  • #4 Kayak - Contoocook River from the Contoocook Canoe & Kayak Co. Concord, NH

#4 Kayak - Contoocook River from the Contoocook Canoe & Kayak Co. Concord, NH

  • 20 Jul 2024
  • 09:30 - 15:00
  • 9 Horse Hill Road Concord, NH


  • Name your event as above, then enter $0.00.
    this will prohibit online payment for Trips with big dollar amounts that incur a 3% transaction fee. On a $1700 trip that would be $51.00 per trip registrant.

  • Registrations close 24 hours prior to the paddle = 7/19, Friday at 9:30am.
  • SHUTTLE RESERVATION & FEE: Is $16.58. ($15.00 + $1.58 process fee)   You must register & pay via Charge Card for the Shuttle fee ONLINE:                 
    Contoocook River Canoe Co.

  • Registration with the new ONLINE Booking Software.  Click  Book Now, PUT NHSC in front of your first name.  Sign up for the 9 mile Shuttle at 10:30am.
  • You can also order your rental kayak when you signup online.
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  • This trip is appropriate for Blue/Black - Intermediate Paddling Level and Green Advanced Beginner Paddling Level paddlers.
  • Blue/Black - Intermediate Paddling Level:  able to paddle casual & continuous 3-5hrs + including experience & strength for control in challenging currents and windy situations.
  • Green Advanced Beginner Paddling Level:  casual paddling abilities 2-3hrs traveling at a slower moderate pace.  Adv. Beg. may lag behind the INT paddlers with 1 or 2 Trip Leaders remaining if the group splits.
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  • Meet Time:  9:30 am to unload and load your kayak to the boat trailer.
  • Check In:  10:00 am  to pay shuttle fee & meet at the bench area by the shop for trip information.
  • Shuttle Bus departs:  10:30 am sharp!
  •   Be respectful of others - Be on time - Be early if you need more prep time!                                                                                                 The shuttle WILL NOT wait!  
  • Launch time:  at the Riverway Park Boat Launch 10:45 am 9 miles up river.
  • Paddle End Time:   3pm   
  • Apr├Ęs after Paddle:  Frekey's Dairy Freeze 74 Fisherville Rd Concord                                                            
  • Event Details: Kayaks will be loaded onto the boat trailer.  We will take the shuttle bus up river to Contoocook Village.  We unload at a historic railroad station-the Riverway Park Boat Launch. This kayak paddle down river is a leisurely 9 mile paddle along the peaceful Contoocook River.   Paddling is approximately 4 - 6 hours down river back to Contoocook River Canoe Company.  We will stop for a lunch picnic.  Another stop will be at Daisy Beach  for swimming.  
  •  Need to talk to a person at Contoocook Canoe and Kayak Co.:   603-753-9804.    Kayak rental includes (kayak, paddle & lifejacket). Rental price range $35-$50.00. You need to  be on the 10:30 am kayak shuttle paddle with NHSC.  
  • Meet at:   9:30 am to unload, get your kayak to the boat trailer and equipment to the bus.  FYI: Bring tip $ for the driver-tip when we get off the bus at the Put-In.
  • Check-in at the shop.                                     
  • Meet at:  10:00 am  Our group meets with Austin at the shop where the chairs are, after the buses and trailers are loaded.  Austin will go over the map of the river, areas to identify, and safety issues.   A special note from Austin, the new owner:  "There are inherent risks in a trip on the river. Because of this, Contoocook River Canoe Co. LLC does not assume responsibility for the injury, death or loss of property. You will be required to sign a liability release form before running the river.  No alcohol allowed, a Lifejacket (PFD) must be worn."

As a NH Ski Club member, I will make sure I have the right supplies & equipment to keep myself safe while participating in this event along with any guest(s) I choose to bring.  I will keep up & stay with the group(s).  I will release my emergency contact information to the Trip Organizer and provide any guest(s) name and emergency contact information prior to the paddle.

  • Checklist of things to bring:
- PFD - Paddle(s) - Plenty of drinking water - Lunch/Snacks
- Bathing Suit/Towel/HAT - Insect repellent - Sunscreen - Glasses keeper
- Water Toys... Bilge/Hand Pumps double nicely as a water squirter!
- Water Shoes... NO flip flops  - Rain Gear!... two 10 gallon bags have multi uses.
  • AS A CONDITION OF ATTENDING THIS KAYAK DAY TRIP, YOU AGREE TO: Hold harmless, and indemnify the organizer(s) and their relations and heirs, and all members and participants of the NH Ski Club from any and all claims for injury, illness, death, and/or property damage including those caused by negligence, ignorance, inexperience and other reasons. You also agree to assume all mental, physical, financial, and/or other risk associated with this NHSC activity. Kayaking, camping, hiking, skiing, bicycling and other activities pose inherent risks and dangers. Participation in these activities is voluntary and dependent upon your own personal judgement. In the interest of safety, wearing a US Coast Guard approved Lifejacket (PFD), securely fitted is required while paddling with this group  All Guest(s) will be required to sign a Disclaimer-Liability Release with emergency contact information.

Trip Organizers - Nancy KC -    603-533-7576                                       Deb S -  603-860-5057                       

Trip Leader(s) - Anne Magrath and Carol Stevens

 New Hampshire Ski Club.

P.O. Box 6072, Manchester, NH 03108


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