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  • Jay Peak Ski Week 2021 (6 days, 5 nights)

Jay Peak Ski Week 2021 (6 days, 5 nights)

  • 10 Jan 2021
  • 15 Jan 2021
  • Jay Peak, VT


  • Deposit of $340 due by 11/01/20. Balance due by 12/01/20.
  • Deposit of $340 due by 11/01/20. Balance due by 12/01/20.


COVID UPDATE!!!! (This is new as of 10/19/2020 - so PLEASE READ)
As promised, I had a great conversation with Jay today about the trip.

First, no way in heck Jay isn't going to open. They are as excited for snow as we are.

Secondly, let's talk COVID and cancelations... the mtn's group policy's are in place except when it comes to COVID. If COVID impacts your ability to travel, your trip will be refunded. Meaning if the state of NH or the state of VT is limiting your travel, you are eligible for a refund. Let's talk through this with some examples. I'll choose the "red county" situation that many find themselves in presently and have raised concerns about. VT currently allows you to quarantine for 7 days and get a negative test and will then permit you to travel to VT. That may work for you, especially with so many working from home. If that does not work for you and you cannot meet the criteria, your trip will be refunded. If you are able to travel, your county is green for example, and you choose not to go on the trip because you are concerned about contracting COVID while there, that is not a situation where a refund is eligible. 

I'm also going to expand on the "mtn traffic" or "how busy?" the mtn may be. If you have been on the trip before, you know that Jay is pretty quiet the week that we typically go. Further, the majority of Jay's mid-week day-trippers are from Canada. Jay does not expect that Canadians will be able to visit the mtn this year, so this year should be even quieter than previous years.

Lifts- It is unlikely that they will run the Tram mid-week, but historically, they didn't really do that anyway while we were there. They are still working out the details but they do not plan to put people that do not know each other on a chair lift together. So they won't be taking someone from the singles line to make your group of 3 a quad.

Jay also pointed out that they are not the COVID police and they do not plan to be. The state of VT creates guidelines and they will abide by them as appropriate. Noone will be at the gate or front desk to take your temperature, for example.

Were there any concerns that I missed? If so, please reach out and I will update the group with any items that I think will benefit all. Based on those details I'd say that your registration carries with it little to no risk, but your lack of registration/deposit is a guaranteed way NOT TO GO! :)


This winter the club will return to Jay Peak in January. Also back this year is the seasons pass for the rest of the season! I know we are all anxious to get the most out of our upcoming ski season since last year's season ended so abruptly. What better way to do so then take a trip in January with the BEST crew and ski the rest of the season for FREE! Remember, Jay has stayed open into May for the last 10 years (well maybe not last year, but we all know how that went...)

Lets address thee elephant in the room and talk about COVID-19, the uncertainty and concerns that you may have.

  • This trip doesn't require a flight. That single fact eliminates lots of uncertainty
  • This is a drive yourself trip- you pick who is in the car with you
  • Vermont is one of the only states where case numbers are going down
  • This trip is perfectly scheduled to avoid the busiest days at Jay- we have had the mountain to ourselves in the past
  • Jay just refunded all Canadian-purchased seasons passes as of 10/12 due to the uncertainty with boarder crossing- We may have no Canadian visitors on the property while we are there
  • You can choose who you room with and spend time with them or other members of the group- your choice

Will you wait in lift lines? NO! Can you wake up at 8 and make the coveted 1st Tram? Yup! Can get up, sip your coffee, and look out the window of your condo to see what the conditions are like first hand? Yes! If you have never skied down to your unit at lunchtime, unclipped AT THE FRONT DOOR, and gone inside to make a sandwich and a cold one just to be right back out (or maybe not!) 30 mins later, you need to go on this trip!

Jay Peak has had some incredible snowfall the last few years including their best season on record three years ago with over 491" of natural snow (that is over 40' of fluff!). So if you haven't been there for a while or always wanted to go, join us this January for an affordable 6 days, and 5 nights on the mountain. The hope is to have all the events that we have had in previous years, more details to come!

Fill out a trip form today!

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